There is demand for foreign skilled workers in Austria!

Simplified access to Red-White-Red Cards planned for autumn.

On 28th June 2022 the Social Committee of the National Council discussed facilitations for the access of foreign skilled workers to Austria.

The following facilitations are planned for Red-White-Red Card applicants:

  • the minimum salary for all RWR card applicants (regardless of age) is to be reduced to EUR 2,835 (plus special payments)
  • the minimum salary for graduates of domestic universities and domestic universities of applied science shall be eliminated (however, minimum salaries as per collective bargaining agreements remain applicable)
  • English language skills shall become comparable to German language skills if the company language is English
  • improvements in the recognition of professional experience
  • longer validity of language certificates
  • easier application procedure for family members


There shall also be improvements for EU-Blue Card holders

  • minimum salary is to be reduced to around EUR 3,172
  • simplifies procedure in case of a switch of employers
  • applicability also to highly qualified applicants in the IT area, regardless of their university degree


Moreover, there are facilitations for the access of other skilled workers who are demanded in Austria

  • qualified workers who shall carry out temporary projects will in future receive a temporary employment permit for a maximum of six months
  • regular seasonal workers shall receive an RWR card, provided they have worked in a tourism or agriculture company for more than 7 months for two years in a row and provided they receive a permanent employment contract
  • foreign start-up-founders benefit from a reduction of the required share capital from EUR 50,000 to EUR 30,000


The second reading in the National Council is still pending, but the amendments shall enter into force on 1st October 2022. We will closely monitor whether these changes will substantially effect the daily practice at the authorities.

Valentina Arnez

Valentina Arnez

Attorney-at-Law, Partner