Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte, RPLT and Conferentia assist Desktoo Italia in the acquisition of OCL Trade.

Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte, RPLT RP legalitax and Conferentia have assisted Desktoo Italia Srl and PBS Holding AG in the cross-border m&a transaction pursuant to which Desktoo Italia acquired 100% of the share capital of OCL Trade Srl.

Desktoo Italia and OCL Trade operate in the trade and distribution of stationery materials. Desktoo Italia Srl is part of the Austrian group ultimately owned by PBS Holding AG. PBS is one of the leading office supplies distributors and resellers in Central and Eastern Europe. Local sales and logistics teams in eight countries serve more than 200,000 customers. More than 1,400 employees generated an annual turnover of EUR 430 million in 2023.

The buyer, Desktoo Italia Srl, was assisted by: Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte with Partner Christian Pindeus and Moritz Pöttinger, Associate; RPLT RP legalitax, with Andrea Rescigno and Diego Annarilli, Partners, Maurizio Fraschini, Counsel and Laura Cerri, Senior Associate; Conferentia with Andrea Fugazza, Partner.

The seller, OCL Srl, was assisted by: Target with Matteo Bazzani and Gaia Guizzetti, Partners and SBA with Lorenzo Bazzoni, Partner.


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Christian Pindeus

Christian Pindeus

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